How to Seal Your Air Ducts: An Expert's Guide

Sealing the whole-house air duct system is a great way to improve the quality of your home's indoor air and save money on energy bills. It typically takes between 4 to 8 hours, and Aeroseal sealant only takes about 2 hours to dry. If the ambient temperature is irregular, energy bills are high, dust is excessive, or indoor air quality is poor, it may be a sign that air ducts are leaking and could be beneficial if Aeroseal would seal them.Sealing ducts helps close any of these gaps, making it nearly impossible for air contaminants to enter. The quality of your home's indoor air will improve because waste won't be able to enter the sealed ducts.

All types of materials can be successfully cleaned after sealing them with Aeroseal. The duration of the Aeroseal duct sealing process depends on the size of the duct system and the extent of the leaks. Aeroseal duct sealing provides a cost-effective and durable solution for almost every duct problem. The inspection discovers any obvious breaks in the ducts and, as an initial step in the sealing process, the Aeroseal system will determine the exact amount of leaks in the duct system.

The Aeroseal air duct sealing system can reduce the amount of leaks by up to 90%, reducing dust and other indoor air contaminants from your home air conditioner. Atlantic Duct Cleaning has been sealing leaking ducts throughout the Maryland and Virginia area for more than two decades. Sealing air ducts can save you money by preventing air conditioner from going out through the ducts before reaching the vents, nor will it lose or gain heat due to lack of insulation. When thinking about embarking on a duct sealing project, you'll want to look for companies that work exclusively in the attic or that specialize in energy-saving projects. Duct sealing is the practice of properly insulating and sealing the metal units that carry air conditioning throughout the house. Atlantic Duct Cleaning offers high-quality air purification and duct sealing throughout Northern Virginia & Maryland.

Unlike traditional methods that may require manual sealing of visible leaks, Aeroseal is a non-invasive process that can effectively seal hidden and hard-to-reach leaks in ducts, resulting in a more comprehensive sealing solution. Duct putty is widely considered the best solution for duct sealing by many industry professionals; it is a sticky material that does not harden, is non-toxic and is flame resistant. Most customers find that once their ducts are sealed using the Aeroseal process, they don't need to be cleaned again for some time. Sealing your home's air ducts with Aeroseal is an effective way to improve indoor air quality and save money on energy bills. With Atlantic Duct Cleaning's experienced technicians, you can rest assured that your home's air ducts will be sealed properly and efficiently.

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