Schedule a Consultation for Duct Sealing Before Making a Decision

Are you thinking of getting Aeroseal for your home? Reach out to Air Pros today to book a consultation and find out how it can benefit your residence. Aeroseal seals ducts from the inside. Watch the video below to get an idea of how it works and book your free consultation today.

Advanced duct sealing

is safe and is often used in hospitals, schools, businesses, military installations and more.

Before you commit to the service, it's important to address any water issues, clean and disinfect the ducts where mold has formed, and clean the rest of the duct system. If the return duct system is leaking, it could be drawing in stale or contaminated air and distributing it throughout the house. A proper duct seal can make a big difference in the comfort level of your home and in the performance of your air conditioning system. Cleaning the ducts before attempting a more expensive replacement or redirection to solve an airflow problem is essential. Homeowners who have had Aeroseal duct sealing applied to their homes often share stories of their experiences before and after installation.

In residential central heating and cooling systems, air conditioning (heated or cooled) reaches each room of the house through a “supply duct system”, which is the first half of the duct system. If the existing duct leaks and is inefficient before installing the new unit, it will continue to leak and will be ineffective after installing the new unit, unless the ducts are tested and sealed. Miller Service Company is familiar with all construction codes and standards applicable to duct sealing techniques. At that time, we will check if there is a difference between the pressurization of the ducts and the actual pressure inside the ducts to determine if there is a leak. Duct tests can indicate the relative permeability of ducts and help determine if the duct system needs to be sealed, repaired, or renovated.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the entire duct system, but often only part of the duct network needs to be replaced. Cleaning the ducts also makes it possible to detect occasional cases in which lunch boxes or cans of soft drinks have fallen or have been dragged through the ducts. If you're considering Aeroseal for your home, contact Air Pros today to arrange a consultation and learn how it can benefit you. Cleaning your ducts before attempting a more expensive replacement or redirection can make a big difference in your home's comfort level and air conditioning system performance.

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