Can Duct Sealant be Used as Plumbers Putty?

Duct sealant is a soft compound that is often likened to putty. It is designed to make handling and installation easier and was initially developed for air conditioning purposes. This material is used to create a barrier that blocks moisture, dust, and air movement; it can also be used to muffle sound. It is non-conductive or corrosive and never dries out, so it can be easily removed, reshaped and reapplied when needed. Although duct sealant is designed to repel moisture, it is mainly used for sealing air leaks, rather than plumbing leaks.

Therefore, its applications in plumbing are somewhat limited and it is most often used to repair air ducts and for other electrical or HVAC purposes. However, a plumber can use a duct sealer when working with an appliance, such as a washing machine, refrigerator, or dishwasher, because duct sealant can be used to protect areas with electrical connections or to make sure that outlets and switches are safe from nearby water sources. Rainbow Duct Seal putty is mainly used in buildings and specifically in the electrical sector to seal electrical boxes, flaps and service mast entrances, etc.Plumbers putty can also be employed to seal faucets during pipe installation, but it is not suitable for sealing threaded or unthreaded water supply pipes, which experience water pressure when water flows through them. Therefore, while duct sealant can be used for some plumbing applications, it should not be used as a substitute for plumbers putty.

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